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Appleseed INNOVATION Grant

  • Annually, the Appleseed INNOVATION Grant is available to all Kansas USD#113 Teacher, Staff & Personnel to start any new & innovative project.  

In the fall of 2021,
the Appleseed Grant
awarded $31,769.33 to
10 different

Guidelines & Criteria

  • All campuses and facilities in USD #113 are eligible.

  • Projects are competitive. Project awards will range from $200 - $9,000.

  • Funding is awarded for projects that will directly impact student engagement and student learning

  • Supplies, transportation, materials and equipment expenses are among those items funded. Salaries are not.

  • The project can involve as many staff as necessary, but a lead person is required to be responsible for ordering, receiving, documentation, evaluation etc.  

  • Cooperation among staff at different schools buildings and campuses is encouraged to bring the innovation to the entire district simultaneously.

  • Funding will be awarded to new, innovative projects. Funds may be used to expand existing innovative projects.

  • Funding is not to supplement existing programs.

  • Cooperation with businesses and other organizations is encouraged, but not required.

  • Winners will be announced by Nov. 1 each year.

  • Application Deadline is October 1 each year.

  • Awards are to be expended by May 31 of the same school year unless modification is asked for in the application and approval is granted by the USD 113 Foundation Appleseed Committee.

  • Upon completion of the project, a written evaluation is to be submitted via e-mail to the USD#113 Foundation by July 1.   

  • Resources are to be purchased through the school district.



What is the primary criteria that award selection will be based on?

Funding is to be awarded for new program projects that will impact students and student learning and engagement including cooperative programs with businesses and other organizations.


How is this initiative funded?  

The Appleseed Innovative Program is financed through an endowed fund within the USD#113 Foundation.  Because it is endowed, the actual charitable donations for this purpose will not be awarded.  The annual investment earnings from the donations to the fund will be awarded.  The total amount awarded from year to year is at the full discretion of the USD#113 Board and will fluctuate years to year depending on investment earnings.  Kent and Donna Saylor were the first benefactors of this fund in December 2016.  Donors are able to add additional donations to this fund by contacting the USD#113 Foundation.


Who is eligible to apply?

Any teachers/staff/personnel within the USD#113 School District.  The project can involve as many staff as necessary, but a lead person is required to be responsible for ordering, receiving, documentation, evaluation etc.  


Who selects the award winners?

USD#113 Foundation Board Member are responsible for selecting the winning projects.  The USD#113 Superintendent is a non-voting member of the USD#113 Foundation Board.  The USD#113 Foundation Board has representation from the entire school district covering each of the 6 geographic areas.


What is a new, innovative project?

Anything new and different that has never been applied before in this school district.

Would replacement of an existing item in my classroom qualify?   

No.  Replacement of existing fixtures within the school are not eligible—it should be funded through the school’s normal budgetary procedures.  For instance if a new burner is needed in the chemistry classroom, it would not be awarded.  Replacement of the existing wire welder in the Ag Classroom would not be eligible, but replacing it with a fully robotic wire welder may qualify.  New innovative capacities must be the reason for applying—not the need to replace an existing item.


Can multiple people work together to apply for an award?  

Yes it is encouraged, but there must be one person named as the lead applicant.  Communication from the board will be funneled through the lead applicant.


Can the award only be used for physical items?  

The award can be used for purchase of tangible or intangible items.  This means that attendance to a seminar for training, including travel, are eligible expenses.  Purchase of equipment and materials are also eligible.


If my project is selected, can I expect to receive funding again upon reapplication?  

This program is not designed to fund annual projects year-in year-out.  It is designed to fund brand-new/ never-tried-in-this-school projects.  Ongoing funding for successful projects will need to be built into the school’s annual budget.  That is why administrative approval is included in the application process.


My project has multiple phases, how do I encompass that in my application?

Some new and innovative projects take more than one year to implement.  Outline the future phases in your initial application, but only ask for funding for items to be accomplished within the next year.  You will have to reapply in future years and there is no guarantee that future phases will be funded.


How many projects will be awarded each year?

It is at the USD113 Foundation board’s discretion.  There is no set minimum or maximum number of projects that must be awarded each year.  There is also no set financial amount that must be awarded each year.  If the board feels there are not enough suitable applications to fully utilize the available earnings, the board may choose to reserve the monies to award in future years.

How do I apply?

Please save a copy the application from this link:

Please e-mail or contact the the USD#113 superintendent with further questions.

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