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  • There are many ways to give to the USD 113 Foundation. All donations to the foundation, large or small, are deeply appreciated. Rest assured, your money will be invested in our communities most precious resources — our children.

If you are giving to an existing fund, please be sure to notate which fund your donation should be added to.  Our list of funds can be found here.  If you would like to create a new fund, please contact the USD 113 Superintendent.

Donate via Cash, Check, or Credit Card


The USD113 Foundation is able to take online donations through our fund in the Greater Sabetha Community Foundation.  Our secure online giving form accepts all major credit cards.


Mail a check to USD 113 Foundation

When making a gift by check, please remember to include a statement indicating your gift’s purpose. Gifts made by check should be payable to the USD#113 Foundation and mailed to:

USD#113 Foundation

Prairie Hills USD 113 District Office

1619 Old U.S. 75

Sabetha, KS 66534

Planned Gifts

The USD #113 Foundation can be named as a beneficiary in Wills, Trusts, Life Insurance, Retirement Plans, etc. While it is not required, the foundation does encourage you to meet with the board president to create a Fund Administration Agreement with the USD #113 Foundation while you are living. Please contact us to discuss a planned donation. Fund Administration Agreements give direction to the board to ensure your wishes are implemented.

Direct Transfer from a Retirement Account

By sending all or part of your retirement distribution directly to the USD#113 Foundation, the retirement account owner may have no reportable income on that portion of his/her distribution.  Please check with your income tax advisor to determine if this type of giving is optimal for you.


Matching Gifts

Matching gifts can be a tremendous way to generate additional giving from the community.  Please contact the foundation if you would like to help create a matching gift campaign.

Gifts of Securities or Mutual Funds

When you donate cash or appreciated securities, it provides an immediate benefit and the maximum income tax deduction to you.


Gifts of appreciated stock or mutual fund shares that have been held for at least one year qualify for an income tax deduction equal to the current market value of the transferred assets. By transferring these assets directly to the USD#113 Foundation, you also avoid capital gains tax. For most people, this double tax savings makes a gift of appreciated securities a very cost-effective gift option.

Gifts of Grain

Producers can gift grain they produce to the USD 113 Foundation.


This can be done by contributing commodities such as wheat, corn, soybeans, grain sorghum, etc. directly from your account at your local grain elevator or cooperative to a foundation account that is established at your elevator for the transaction. After the producer has delivered the grain to his/her elevator in their name, he/she simply tells the elevator that they wish to transfer a certain number of bushels of their grain to the USD#113 Foundation. He/she then notifies the foundation that they have transferred x amount of grain to the foundation and what fund/project they wish to support with the proceeds of the sale of the grain.  Foundation board members then complete the transaction by notifying the elevator that the foundation wishes to sell the grain immediately and have the proceeds sent to it for deposit into the foundation account of the donor’s choice.

This type of transaction will minimize the producer’s income taxation. By transferring the grain directly, rather than selling it and in turn writing a check to the foundation, the producer has no reportable income on that portion of his/her production. Yet, the expenses to produce that grain continue to be deductible expenses. The foundation also gives the donor full credit for the proceeds received from the sale of the grain.


A producer should always consult with their tax advisor if they have questions regarding the appropriate commodity contribution or such a gift’s impact on their taxable income. Arrangements will also need to be made with the producer’s local cooperative or grain elevator to ensure proper documentation is provided regarding the grain transaction.


For specific questions and/or procedures regarding this gifting option, please contact the foundation.

Gifts of Real Estate

Farmland or a home you no longer need can have a significant impact when donated.  Real estate that has been held for a significant length of time may have appreciated in value and could offer great potential for charitable giving.

In most cases, gifts of real estate qualify for an income tax deduction.  The amount of the deduction depends upon the way in which the property is gifted.  For specific questions and/or procedures regarding a possible gift of real estate, please contact the foundation.

Gifts of Personal Property

Gifts of personal property are subject to certain conditions that do not apply to other outright gifts. For example, for a gift of personal property to be deductible at full fair market value, it must be directly related to the mission of the school. If you wish to donate items valued at $5,000 or more, a qualified appraisal is needed to receive a tax deduction.


Corporations and businesses may qualify for a tax deduction when contributing equipment, inventory or other assets used in the course of business. Equipment and other assets may need to be valued by an independent appraiser for tax purposes. A corporate or business charitable donation is limited to their cost basis when contributing their inventory.

Please contact the USD#113 Foundation to determine if the foundation can accept your gift of personal property.

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