• Currently, we manage over 1 million dollars in funds, entrusted to us by community members and organizations dedicated to improving our future. Please take a moment to look through our funds and scholarships. Interested in starting a fund or scholarship? Click here.

  • There are two funds in the foundation that have MATCHED GIVING opportunities.  They are the Morrill Alumni Scholarship and the Tara Ploeger Scholarship.


Morrill Alumni Scholarship

The Morrill Alumni Scholarship is provided each year to a graduating high school senior that resides in the old Morrill School District.  The Morrill Alumni Board is working to endow this scholarship to ensure the scholarship perpetuates long after those that graduated from Morrill High School have passed on.  

Tara Ploeger Scholarship

Tara Ploeger was vivacious teenager who loved her family, school, and community. She served young and old in her jobs as a daycare worker, volunteering at the elementary school, and in working at Country Mart and the Sabetha Hospital. After High School she planned to major in Elementary Education. Although her time was cut short, her friends and family are thankful for the 18 years they had with her.

The idea for the Tara Ploeger Scholarship came out of the outpouring of money that the community gave as a memorial.  Two scholarships are given to assist Sabetha High School graduates in their drive to further their education and thus serve those around them.

The Gary and Virginia McDaniel Family Scholarship

About Gary & Virginia McDaniel.  Virginia (Mann) grew up in Highland, KS. After high school she attended Clark's Business School in St. Joseph, MO.  Gary attended high school in Seneca, Ks and is a graduate of Highland Community College with an Associate of Science Degree.


After marriage, they began their working career with Caterpillar Tractor Co, in Peoria , IL. Employment with Wenger Mfg brought them back to NE KS and Sabetha.  They founded MAC Equipment and actively managed it for over 30 years. Upon their retirement they moved to Las Vegas, NV.


Gary & Virginia are an example of success that can be accomplished with perseverance, dedication, hard work, honesty, and integrity.  They shared "The Sabetha community was good to us and provided benefits that allowed MAC Equipment to grow and succeed. With this Scholarship, and appreciation, we give back, a small token with the hope it will help some young person build a successful career in NE KS."

USD 113 Appleseed Innovative Program Project Development Fund

The purpose of this fund is to provide specific grants to teachers and staff to help the development of innovative programs to enhance the educational opportunities for any or all USD 113 students. The funding will only be awarded to new, innovative projects. When teachers have a new project they want to try to benefit their students, there are now funds available they can apply for to get the project off the ground.

This endowed fund was originally started by a large gift provided by Kent & Donna Saylor.  YOU can further the mission of this endowment by making a donation to the USD#113 Foundation specifying Appleseed Fund.

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Sabetha Community Sabetha High School Scholarship

The purpose of this scholarship is to provide funds for college for one or more senior graduates of the Sabetha High School.


This endowed fund was originally started by a large gift provided by Kent & Donna Saylor.  YOU can further the mission of this endowment by making a donation to the USD#113 Foundation specifying Sabetha Community Scholarship.

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Sabetha Community and Kent & Donna Saylor Sabetha High School Fine Arts Support Fund

The purpose of this fund is to provide support for Sabetha Schools Fine Arts Programs, including but not limited to music, vocal, and art. 

This endowed fund was originally started by a large gift provided by Kent & Donna Saylor.  YOU can further the mission of this endowment by making a donation to the USD#113 Foundation specifying Sabetha High School Fine Arts Fund.

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Sabetha Community and Kent & Donna Saylor Sabetha High School Extracurricular Activity Fund

The purpose of this fund is to provide support for Sabetha High School extracurricular student activities, with preference toward female student activities.  

This endowed fund was originally started by a large gift provided by Kent & Donna Saylor.  YOU can further the mission of this endowment by making a donation to the USD#113 Foundation specifying Sabetha High School Extracurricular Activity Fund.

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About Kent & Donna Saylor

Donna was raised in Ottawa, KS and attended Kansas University. Kent is a local Morrill, KS native, a graduate of Sabetha High School and a graduate of Kansas University with both a business and law degrees. Donna and Kent married before he started law school. Donna taught 3 years in the Desoto, KS elementary schools while Kent attended law school. In 1972, they moved back to Morrill. Kent started working in banking, insurance and law. Donna was the first Sabetha pre-school teacher and has been volunteering at Sabetha Elementary for 27 years. Eventually, in 1993, they moved to their current home in Sabetha. Their 4 daughters are all graduates of Sabetha High School.


Kent and Donna are both are very proud of USD 113 and the benefits it provides to its students and to the community.  Additionally, many members of the Morrill and Sabetha communities have been very supportive of the various Saylor family businesses throughout the years. Therefore, they decided it was time to return support back to the community. They determined the way to accomplish their goal was through the local schools. Initially, two funds were set up through KU Endowment. The first fund directly benefits Sabetha graduates attending KU and the second fund directly benefits all USD 113 students. When the USD 113 School Foundation became more proactive in 2016, the Saylors decided the time was right to increase the benefit to the community and its schools by establishing a set of Sabetha scholarship and school support funds through the USD113 Foundation.

A few things students should always be aware of:


Know where you came from. Whether it is what you learned from parents, local culture, attitudes and ethics or your use of a school or other physical community facility; you are directly benefiting from prior generations knowledge, hard work and foresight.


Hard work with integrity and recognition of a higher power will lead you to many unknown opportunities in the future.

Don’t forget to give back to your community.  Your future is based not only on what you accomplish but on the accomplishments of others before you.  Pass the torch on to others following you.

Cole Bergen Scholarship

Cole Bergen taught Industrial Arts at Sabetha High School and passed away at just 27 in a tragic car accident in the Summer of 2016. He graduated from Southern Valley High School in Oxford NE in 2007, SCC Milford in September 2009 with a degree in building contruction,  and University of Nebraska- Lincoln in May 2014 with a degree in Ag Education. He served his country through the Navy during Operation Enduring Freedom New Dawn as a machine gunner for his convoy commander vehicle. He received the Navy Marine Corps achievement medal for actions in combat while in Afghanistan with NMCB 15.

In his short time teaching, he inspired many students and his legacy will live on through them.

Ray Rokey Memorial Scholarship

Raymond R. Rokey spent his life maximizing opportunities and giving—giving his best effort in all of his endeavors, giving his cheerful demeanor to those around him, giving his time to be part of community service activities, and giving his life so that others could enjoy theirs. Ray grew up in the Sabetha area and worked his way through high school pioneering as the first in his family to attend high school and, again, the first to attend college, blazing the way for numerous cousins and double cousins from his extended family. He earned positions on the Kansas State football and baseball teams, worked diligently throughout his underclass years on campus, and was elected by his peers to not only captain his teams but to be a class officer his junior and senior years and a member of the Kansas State Student Council. Earning academic honors in college through his stellar work ethic, coupled with his myriad of athletic and community service accomplishments, and earning a degree in three years, earned Ray a commission as a second lieutenant in the Regular Army. He served with valor in World War II, rising to the rank of Captain before being killed in action in Europe. Ray left behind a legacy of true American Heroism—he possessed integrity, an inherent desire for duty, accomplishment and civic service and the selflessness to put the needs of others before his own. Ray Rokey exemplified scholarship, athleticism and leadership throughout his life; similarly, the recipient of the Ray Rokey Memorial Scholarship should encompass the same values and characteristics. .

Ray & Margaret Deaver Scholarship

Ray and Margaret Deaver were married in February 19##. This was the beginning of many wonderful years as a Kansas farming family. It is the opinion of the family that some of the cherished rewards were the direct result of participation in farming, school, and church activities. Both Ray and Margaret set a good example for the family by participating in organizations such as Kansas Farm Bureau, County Extension, and being members of the Sacred Heart Church. They encouraged their children to join in similar organizations such as FFA, Band, Choir, 4-H, Scouts, sports, and numerous other activities. This approach to family life gave everyone the opportunity to expand horizons and pursue dreams. The dream was never limited to returning to the family farm.

Louis Wenger Memorial Scholarship

The Louis Wenger Scholarship is awared annually to the student or students that best exemplify the spirit of ingenuity, focus, and determination. By applying these qualities in his/her own life. Louis founded Wenger Manufacturing Co., Inc.

Lewis Johnson Memorial Scholarship

The Lewis Johnson Memorial Music Scholarship will be awarded to one individual who is pursuing a degree in music education. Preference will be given to a current Sabetha High School senior, but Sabetha High School graduates who meet eligibility requirements may also apply. This scholarship to a four-year accredited institution.

Leigh Mills Scholarship

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Joe & Naomi Beyer Scholarship

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Arlene Gudenkauf Medical Memorial Scholarship

Arlene (Hulsing) Gudenkauf was a registered nurse at Nemaha Valley Community Hospital from 1971 to 1988.  She started as a staff nurse then became the obstetrics supervisor from 1982 until 1988 when she was forced to go on medical leave.  Arlene was born in 1949.


Arlene valued most importantly the respect for all people. She felt life was a gift and we should each strive to be the best person intellectually and spiritually. We should all use our God given talents to help each other in every capacity possible and enjoy yourself along the way. Arlene enjoyed life, giggled a lot and valued individuals that worked hard and carried their own work load. She appreciated most people who treated others with respect and were of kind spirit.


After she passed in 1991, the Nemaha Valley Community Hospital and the Carroll Gudenkauf family felt the scholarship should be created in her memory to encourage caring individuals to enter the nursing field.  The scholarship is for the purpose of advancing medicine in the community.  It is open to all residents in Nemaha County and Hospital employees and their immediate families who are pursuing degrees in the medical field.  Applicants need to be accepted into their chosen medical field programs and there is no age restriction.  The scholarship can be applied for more than once.

Marion A. Meyer Scholarship

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Bertha Manche Scholarship

Mrs. Manche taught school for 35 years in rural schools in Brown and Nemaha counties, and in Sabetha, Oneida, and Seneca. She served as Nemaha County Superintendent of Public Information in the 1960s. She retired in 1976.

Mrs. Manche was a lifelong member of Rock Creek Church of the Brethren that later became affiliated with Trinity Church of the Brethren. She was a member of Phi Theta Kappa Honorary Society, the National Education Association, the Kansas Teachers Association, and Nemaha County Republican Women. She was active in Sabetha Business and Professional Women's Club for many years.

Bill & Ina McClain Scholarship

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Carson Charitable Trust Scholarship

The Carson Charitable Scholarship program is for the purpose of providing Wetmore High School graduates an opportunity to receive financial assistance for attending their first two years of post secondary education.

Corey Davis Memorial Scholarship

Corey Davis, Wetmore class of 2011, touched the lives of everyone he met with his quiet, caring nature and unreserved friendship.  Corey’s priority in life was making others happy and he worked hard to be a big brother to younger students, a friend to his peers, and a help to the adults who needed him.  His untimely death in a traffic accident inspired this scholarship and applicants share about safety and/or the importance of caring for others.

Eastern Star Scholarship

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Ester P. Carpenter Scholarship

A Sabetha native and lifetime resident, Ester P. Carpenter taught at Albany, Rock Creek, and Sabetha schools.  She educated in Sabetha for 32 of her 37 years mostly junior high, primarily math.  Carpenter initially attended Kansas State, then finished her teaching degree at Peru State College in Nebraska.  When Carpenter was married in 1932, she was required to resign as a teacher.  The law or custom at that time did not allow women who were married to teach.  When the country became involved in World War II, Mrs. Carpenter reflected, married women were recalled to teaching positions.


Lyle Lancaster, member of the Sabetha High School class of 1951, led the initiative to endow this scholarship on Mrs. Carpenter’s behalf.

Per writings in the Sabetha Herald about Esther P. Carpenter.

Glen & Joelline Stoller Scholarship

Glen and his wife Jolene have provided numerous scholarships for graduates of Sabetha High School and have been instrumental in organizing many others.

Glen Stoller Memorial Scholarship

Glen Stoller was a member of the Sabetha High School graduating class of 1946. Glen served as a U.S.D. 441 Board of Education member for 16 years from 1975 – 1991. Glen was probably best known for running the clock at Volleyball, Basketball, Football, and wrestling events. He volunteered to work every game, varsity as well as non-varsity, for approximately 40 years.


In 1992, Glen was awarded the Elmer Carpenter Award. This statewide honor is given to an outstanding school volunteer by the Athletic Directors of Kansas. He was also awarded the National Federation of High School’s Award of Excellence for Sportsmanship, Ethics and Integrity.

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